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Coping with breast cancer

The book “Coping with breast cancer” wants to be an informative contribution and a support for women who are facing breast cancer.

Inside the book there are several chapters that explain the types of treatments and diagnostic investigations, the rights of the sick, the voluntary associations, the psychological aspects, the different symptoms with the modalities for being able to soothe them naturally and more.
The intention is to help the woman in a moment when even the choice of pajamas or nightgown for surgery can result in a complex choice, starting from the assumption that in a period where many uncertainties and situations are encountered emotionally difficult, any choice to be made even if small can result in yet another problem.
On a psychological level, different situations are discussed such as communication with family and friends, stress management and the best ways to overcome this difficult time.
In the chapter dedicated to cancer therapies various therapies and symptom management are illustrated. One part is dedicated to choosing the wig, or other types of headgear, and makeup.

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Coping with breast cancer

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